About the Bracelets
General Information:


We have many different designs and themes.  Each bracelet comes with it’s own story card.  All bracelets are made from beads and castings we have gathered from all over the world.   Most glass beads come from India, Czech Republic and Italy.  All of our jewelry is assembled and handmade in the USA.  Once a prototype is developed, we hire the elderly to assemble them from the prototype pattern and then they are clasped and finished by us.


We string our jewelry on the most expensive, 49-strand, .024 nylon coated, stainless steel wire available for rugged durability.   The beads are specifically chosen to be a reminder to think positive, uplifting thoughts and to help reverse or eliminate negative patterns.




All bracelets come in four standard sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large.  The medium bracelet is approximately the "fit" of a standard  7" size with the small and large approximately 1/2 inch smaller or larger respectively.  The sizes are distinguishable by small dots of color placed on the back side of each clasp; white-small, blue-medium, red-large, 2 red dots-extra large.  You may always exchange a new, unworn bracelet for a different size. Please include $3 for the return envelope and postage.




To clasp our Bead Beautiful!™ bracelets, simply slip the round metal end clasp through the beaded loop at the opposite end of the bracelet. This clasping design is excellent for its ability to stay fastened and not to inadvertently become unclasped.   Arthritic individuals will also appreciate the ease in clasping the bracelet without assistance.



Product Change Notice:


Since this product is made of hand crafted items, the bracelets may vary slightly in beads, size or design.  Many of our beads are specifically designed for us and we try to purchase enough supplies to continue with a specific design.  If, however, we are unable to do so, a slight design change may be necessary.