Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser

               Balance      (Click here for larger image)

The color blue enhances spiritual and mental health and increases inner peace. The blue and white Chinese porcelain beads and the "Yin-Yang" symbol represent balance of life. Hematite symbolizes a reduction in stress while increasing strength and energy. The pink rhodonite; self-esteem, confidence and restoration of physical energy. The rose; opening up to love and friendship. The clear, blue and gold "swirl" beads ensure a good circulation of all qualities within the bracelet.  All items in threes (three porcelain beads) convey health, wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.                      © 1996 Bead Beautiful Inc.

Blessings one and all!
The love that is being infused in every item of the story bracelets is amazing as our inspirational jewelry is handmade with pure love.  The beads, gems, charms and wire always have healing energy.  All thoughts, feelings, words and actions are enhanced when people wear our story jewelry.  We have been making these beautiful inspirational jewelry story bracelets for almost 20 years and it has been one of the most inspirational endeavors we have ever done.  Our made in America, handmade, bracelets are an example of love in action and we want the world to feel the heartfelt love we have put into the process.  Intuitive cognition is certainly a divine manner in which we create inspirational jewelry, it's amazing how people can feel the goodness in our story bracelets.  Cathy Sue Sagerser loves to uplift and teach people to love their lives as well.