Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser

          Comfort    (Click here for larger image)

The Comfort bracelet is about loving and nurturing our inner self. The lantern beads remind us that regardless of outer appearances, conditions or restrictions, there is always a place of greater light, security, and warmth; a "go to" place within us.  As a leopard naturally finds security by its ability to blend with its environment, the leopard stones represent our ability to safely adapt.  The mother of pearl happiness drops remind us to think happy thoughts with love, respect, and understanding.  The hand; giving and receiving love.  The flowers represent opening up to love and friendship.  The five points of the star; prayer, meditation, study, service, & circulation.    All items in threes (3 stone leaves) convey health,  wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.           
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Blessings to all!
Our bike rides in Arizona  on a beautiful Spring day really inspire us to enhance our story bracelets with a form of gratitude that inspires us to happy up every area of our life.  We know happiness is contagious and inspirational jewelry definitely carries the best energy ever.  Magnificent beauty is always showing up in unusual ways, especially when we are designing new story bracelets. Every new story for inspirational jewelry proves to be a very good investment in heightening our new ideas. Inspirational story bracelets jewelry is a fascinating learning tool when it comes to attributes in evolving to higher consciousness. We are always aspiring to a new height of understanding.  Every attribute in the inspirational story bracelets give us a wonderful stepping stone to enhance our life in such a beautiful manner.  Jewelry that can be worn and admired daily is certainly a powerful tool.