Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser

         Compassion    (Click here for larger image)

Compassion is the art of listening with your heart, while investing in others with unconditional love. If we discipline ourselves to focus on the "We" (as in Wellness) instead of the "I" (as in Illness), we empower ourselves through compassion.  The leaf is for our willingness to listen and grow. The tulip represents forgiveness. The Yin/Yang bead is for balance of emotion. Crystals; clarity of thought. Hematite; stress release, healing, and energy. The two bone faces; good relationships. The bone swirl bead (inner ear) reminds us to practice the skill of listening. The white howlite heart and chips are for new beginnings.  All items in threes (3 black & gold beads) convey health, wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.                   
2002 Bead Beautiful Inc.

Blessings to all!
Angels are so thrilled with our excitement and enthusiasm for inspirational jewelry.  We feel with every cell in our body that these beautiful creations are healing our environment with every attribute spoken about in our handmade with love jewelry.  Cathy sue feels and gets her inspiration while she is meditating and praying.  Inspirational jewelry and story bracelets are definitely Angel guided, as Cathy Sue writes the story for each bracelet she is constantly reminded of the power of our thoughts and how they influence our lives.  Inspirational Jewelry is one of the best modalities to remind people to think of the wisdom that is shown to us when we think with clarity of thought.  Inspirational story bracelets are a true testament to investing in our life.  Story bracelets are very popular with people who choose to invest in their thinking better uplifting thoughts.