Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser

       Empowerment  (Click here for larger image)

We are naturally empowered with love and life.  Rainbow, the prism of life and light, reflects the integrity of each energy center in our body.  The seven energy centers move upward from the root energy, red. Red (base of spine) denotes energy of life, willpower and courage.  Orange (sacral) connects us to our emotional self, reflects joy, happiness, and creativity.  Yellow (solar plexus) is our center of integrity, awareness and wisdom.  Green (heart) is our center for love, compassion and renewal.  Blue (throat); communication, self expression with a sense of serenity.  Indigo (third eye); intuition and understanding.  Violet (crown);  open to inspiration, peace and healing.   All items in threes (three consecutive yellow discs) convey health, wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.
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Blessings to all.
Oh Yes, how people of all ages love to wear Inspirational jewelry and story bracelets.  Many people have said they have felt a huge change in their attitude when they focus on the legend of the story bracelets.  We call our Inspirational jewelry and story bracelets a wonderful medicine for the soul. I feel the good energy emerge from our bead beautiful creative designs of story bracelets.  I know my life is enhanced just by designing for inspirational story jewelry.  We have so much fun coming up with new ideas and designs for inspirational jewelry.  We love to hunt for beads all over the world.  We have had the most delightful times sorting through beads in a dirty basement in New York and buying beads from a vendor at the empire state building.  We've been to Czech Republic, Korea and Japan to hunt for unique beads and charms for our beautiful creations.