Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser

          Faith    (Click here for larger image)

Faith is an inner knowing, a belief in the presence of an invisible principle of good that works in all areas of our life. The clasped hands remind us to connect with our heart awareness. The tan angel wing bead; protection. Amethyst stones denote peace within and contentment. Tulips; forgiveness.  Labradorite; enhances faith. The pearl “rock of faith”; nurturing, respect and warmth. Turquoise; opens communication and strengthens body balance. The hematite star; stress relief, energy and healing. Five points of star; meditation, prayer, study, service & circulation. Heart; unconditional love. Egg charm; new beginnings.  Two metal disks; good relationships  and  constant flow of good fortune. All items in threes (three labradorite discs) convey health, wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.
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Blessings to all!
Inspirational story jewelry and bracelets started as a simple reminder to be careful about how we think.  My favorite saying is You are what you think!  I love to be creative and to do so with beautiful stones, gems, charms and beads was a pure delight for me and my wonderful husband Jamers.  Story bracelets were one of the best ways to inspire people to feel and think about the joy in their lives.  Inspirational jewelry emerged in a delightful manner.  Jim and I had a blast buying the perfect gems for our story bracelets which soon became inspirational jewelry.  We were very creative in thinking and writing beautiful legends for our story bracelets.  Inspirational jewelry is very popular with people who choose to create delightful lives.  We feel blessed in every way with this incredible business.  It has enhanced the lives of everyone we have come in contact with.