Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser


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Nurturing is about loving and supporting ourselves and others with kind thoughts and actions. The lantern beads remind us that regardless of outer appearances, conditions, or restrictions, there is always a place of greater light, security, and warmth; a "go to" place within us. The three rose quartz stepping-stones guide us to open up to the abundance of love and friendship. The hematite hearts: unconditional love, stress release, and healing The “happiness drop” is a reminder to nourish every cell in our body with light, love, and joy. The twist bead is a visual reminder to take a deep refreshing breath.  Copper, a conductor and balancer of energy, aligns body and mind. Orange color; creativity.  Five points of the star; a reminder to invest in our life with prayer, meditation, study, service & circulation.   All items in threes (three hearts) convey health, wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.                         
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