Inspirational Jewelry & Story Bracelets by Cathy Sue Sagerser
Cathy Sue Sagerser, owner of Bead Beautiful Inspirational Jewelry and Story Bracelets
Every cell in our body has a memory which corresponds to the way we think. Each bead counsels us to think uplifting happy thoughts. The shell emphasizes easy adaptation to new experiences. Hearts stimulate unconditional love. The crystal disks are wheels of good fortune and blessings. The rose opens the door to love and friendship. The fish represents a generous abundance of good and circulation of wealth. Turquoise revives body balance and promotes mental relaxation. Rose quartz brings self assuredness . The five points of the star guide us to invest in our life with prayer, meditation, study, service & circulation. All items in threes (three white beauty braille beads) convey health, wealth, and happiness to the person wearing the bracelet.

          Our Inspirational Story Jewelry

As a counselor and life coach in the early 90’s, I found designing inspirational jewelry was the perfect medium for helping my friends and clients work through their personal challenges and issues. I would create specific “story jewelry” that was handcrafted and meaningful to remind others to think positive, uplifting thoughts. Depending on the situation, I would select specific beads, stones, and charms to convey a theme to address a particular challenge such as healing, faith, or comfort. As more of these inspirational story bracelets were designed and worn, their friends and family would ask if I would make them an inspirational story bracelet too. As the demand grew, so did the many designs, and accessories. Today, we have over 45 styles including matching necklaces and chokers.

Cathy Sue on QVC

Our inspirational jewelry and story bracelets business really kicked off in the spring of 1995, when QVC, the online shopping network, was on their “50/50 Tour” and happened to be in the Phoenix area.  QVC was traveling to 50 states in 50 weeks, searching for the best 20 products in each state to be sold on their network from a location in Scottsdale. Fortunately for us, Bead Beautiful inspirational jewelry was one of the 20 applicants chosen out of 600 plus applicants to personally sell on a five-minute, live spot. QVC ordered 800 bracelets for the show, however, we sold out in less than 5 minutes and QVC ordered an additional 85 bracelets to fill the overflow. This was a big break for Bead Beautiful. 

Jim’s 83-year-old mom, Lucille Sagerser, was inspirational in assembling two-thirds of the bracelets for the QVC show. Because of this positive experience, we decided to continue employing the elderly to assemble our story bracelets while we completed the process by sizing and installing the clasps. This wonderful practice has continued for 18 years.

Since then, our jewelry has sold in a few high fashion places like Nordstrom, a national magazine chain, and many gift shops across the country. Today, however, we concentrate our sales of story jewelry to selling on the internet and by distributors of Bead Beautiful.  If you have an interest in becoming a member of our distributor family, please contact us.

Blessings  & Love to  All!
Our beautiful jewelry is called Inspirational jewelry because it truly enhances lives.  People love wearing our bracelets, necklaces and earrings as they are reminding us of the power of our pieces of Inspirational jewelry.  Every cell in our body loves being reminded to think happy thoughts.  Our inspirational  jewelry is designed to be used as an anchor to feel better about every area of our life.  Inspirational jewelry is fun to wear and usually a conversation starter.  We love life and it shows as we wear inspirational jewelry.  Happiness is contagious and it shows as you wear Inspirational Jewelry. The joy of life is such a beautiful bright spot as we live in harmony with our inspirational jewelry.